Monday, March 16, 2009

trying to get back into the routine

Well, it's been a coupla days, but I swear I have a good excuse. I took in a large dog who is a bit of a high maintenance dog. He has fairly major orthopedic issues, and also is a bit of a picky eater, probably because many foods make him ill. AND my dogs hate him. So I've been really busy trying to find a good management routine for all of us. It's kept me busy, so the dogs haven't gotten any training at all.

But, I did play with Peepers and Sparky a bit today. Joe managed to cover another PVC perch I have with sisal rope, so I thought I would see how Peepers reacted to it. He was really scared of it, so I decided to work with him like I had planned on with the red perch - just ask him to do tricks in the same general vicinity as the perch. He managed to wave with either foot and to target while he was on one corner of the kitchen island and the perch was on the other. That was asking a lot, so my plan is to video these sessions, because I think there's a lot of potential good learning that will happen with this perch.

Sparky did a few recalls, but wasn't as excited about training as she had been before our little 2 day break. I guess I need to make sure she gets her time every day just to keep her enthusiasm up.

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