Monday, March 9, 2009

Not too much training

Today so far the only animals that have gotten any training are the parrots. peepers had session #4 with the perch, he started to put weight on the perch today. it wasn't very eventful, but I did tape it, and am posting it to youtube in 2 clips here: and here:

Sparky practiced her recalls while Peepers worked. She's really getting back into everything, which is so nice to see. She has such a sweet little personality, and it really shows when she works. I'll be taping her sessions more now, since she's also managing to ignore the camera instead of attacking it. (Ok, I just reread this, and in one paragraph I describe this bird as sweet, and also how she attacks cameras. Kind of funny :))

My big project today while the house was cleaned was to figure out how to split up the previous sessions so I could download them to youtube. I finally got it, and am going to add the links in the right spots. I feel like my grandparents must've when I had to teach them how to use the VCR - I just can't imagine why they don't make software an adult can use. I guess I need a 12 year old :).

Peepers sessions are starting to get really long, and he just wants to keep working. I need to set up a system where the sessions don't last much more than 10 minutes, so neither one of us gets sour on all of it. I'm better off with more shorter sessions, it helps keep enthusiasm up.

I'll post if anything more interesting happens today, but I kind of doubt it will, as I really feel like I could just go to bed.

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