Friday, March 20, 2009

Boy, when I mess things up...

Well, the 2 sessions I have had with Peepers and the sisal perch have been just yucky. The 2nd taped session (here: ) I thought that he would be ready to progress really quickly, like he did before. So, I brought the red perch out and tried to be ready for the fantastic session I was sure was coming.

Peepers wasn't in any way ready for my optimistic agenda. I tried to be sensitive to what was going on with him, but the fact is, I married my agenda on this session, and not much was accomplished as a result. bleh. I hate it when I do things like this. I know better. I really do. And, on top of that, we don't have a timeline that I have to work with on this one. There's just no good reason for me to get like this.

So, today I came into our session trying to be sure that Peepers was ready for the next steps, and not getting too attached to my agenda. Peepers came into our session a little jumpy, it was very strange. I did notice this, and I tried to back off a little bit so that he wouldn't feel too much pressure. I managed this, but then I was stoopid and moved the perch to clean the crumbs off the island. That scared Peepers and he didn't want to touch the perch anymore. So I tried to salvage the session. You can see it here:

Sometimes my asperations and goals get way too high for the current situation. I guess it's time to reevaluate everything and come back fresh tomorrow for Peepers.

Dempsey hasn't gotten to play with me at all. I really need to get back on track with all of this. Tomorrow morning I have agility practice with my friend, and then hopefully when I get back I can get some good training in with the birds.

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  1. Hi there...

    Just to encourage you: I've been watching all of your Peepers videos and they have helped me understand how to set goals with my new caique that I will bring home the end of next month, Lord willing. Anyways, we all fall off the horse. You've got a lot of experience and it's easy to get careless, or just have a bad day. Don't beat yourself up! Your thoughts about getting it back together are positive: camp there!