Monday, March 2, 2009

More progress than I thought

Well I got back from our trip yesterday, and today got back into training the critters. I was surprised by what was retained. Dempsey got right back into the weave training, and his footwork improved immensely from the 3 day break. I had Joe video it, and it's here: I was so relieved to see that we didn't take a million steps back in training, as I expected.

Peepers did session #3 of 101 things. I kind of messed it up, as I went into it with the idea of reinforcing Peepers picking up the block with his right foot, rather than just reinforcing anything new. He dealt with it ok, and of course I video'd it. He had a moment in the middle of the session where he just stopped doing anything for a bit, I think cuz it's getting a little confusing for him now. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

I thought today I would give Sparky a go at 101 things, but she decided today that she really didn't want to hang out on the kitchen island where I've been doing the sessions with Peepers. That was a surprise, but I just gave her some almonds for being on the island.

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  1. I love your 101 things videos (I'm 3ponymous on YouTube). Look forward to some Sparky videos too, hopefully. I have a WC Pionus who just doesn't seem to be interested in training at all. She steps up like a pro (taught by her previous owner) and I have her targeting very consistently, but she hasn't seemed terribly interested in much else.

    Thanks for sharing. Look forward to reading more!