Monday, February 23, 2009

Hey All

Hey everyone,

I am Jeni, and I've started this blog to share my experiences training all of my animals. I currently have 4 dogs and 2 parrots. I show in agility with my dogs - 2 of them are retired, and 2 of them are competing. My parrots are house pets, but I enjoy training, so like to teach them lots of different little things to keep us all busy.

Currently my youngest dog, Dempsey, is working on learning how to weave. I am using what's called weave-a-matics to train him, and I hope to have video up in the next couple of days to show you what he's doing right now, and then I hope to tape future training sessions to record his progress and show it to the world.

My more experienced competition dog, Bungee, is learning to hold onto things for an extended period of time. This one is tricky for us, as I am not very good at training duration behaviors, and Bungee isn't very good at doing one thing for more than a second. So we have our work cut out for us, but we both like a challenge.

I had stopped working with the parrots for a while, so now I am just getting them back into the swing of things. Peepers will be relearning that throwing behaviors at me is a good thing, and sparky will be learning not to attack the clicker :).

I'm hoping to keep this blog updated at least every other day if not every day, and show what kind of progress we're making in our efforts. I also welcome any feedback anyone may have about this blog, and what interests you and what you can do without. Talk to everyone soon!


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