Thursday, August 6, 2009

No Training, just an update

Hey everyone, I haven't trained any critters in a week (!), but I thought it would be a good idea to update everyone so that you don't think we're up and disappeared.

Sidney the lab had surgery this week of a hematoma on his ear. Since Monday I have had to keep a very close eye on him to make sure he didn't remove his bandage and/or shake his head. That has kept me occupied, if not outright busy tackling him before he can do damage to himself. The bandage came off today, so I am hoping that the would will dry out a bit and stop bothering him so much. In the meantime, Sid and I are hanging out together :).

Since I haven't trained the birds, I have added another foraging area for them, and also made getting the goodies a little more difficult. In one of my earlier posts there is a picture of Peepers on a tree stand, and there are dixie cups hanging all around. I had been putting goodies in each of the cups. Now I am only putting treats in some of the cups (about 50% or so), and I am crumpling the cups up, making him work just a little harder to get at them. It seems to have made him kind of cranky - I guess coming off welfare sucks lol.

Sparky hasn't been too interested in messing with the cups, but she has also had to work a little harder for her food. She has a dish in her cage that has food, toys and shredded paper. She rifles through all of it to get the treats in there. I also have added a basket to the side of her cage which will also have stuff to get in it.

It is definitely time to get back to training, but I am so glad to have something that I can give these guys to do. Boredom sucks!

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